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Testimonials After 2022


"Since seeing Lisa and starting a course of supplements from Nature’s Sunshine, I have noticed huge shifts in terms of both the alleviation of physical pain and the drastic reduction of stress and anxiety. At my first consultation, Lisa helped me understand that my nervous system was essentially in constant fight or flight. This made sense to me as I have been incredibly anxious, irritable, and on edge. After a couple weeks of electromagnetic therapy and craniosacral therapy plus incorporating Anxiousless into my daily routine, I realized, as I said to Lisa, I was not ready to fly off the handle at every single stressor. Instead, I felt more grounded and balanced. In the time since then, this has only continued to improve. I feel more “level” than I have in many years. I’ve suffered severe anxiety and depression for most of my adult life and it has gotten worse in my late 20s and early 30s. Since beginning treatment and starting a regular routine of supplements (Anxiousless, 5-HTP, Magnesium, and a Multivitamin), I haven’t had any serious anxiety attacks. On top of this, the physical pain which originally brought me to Lisa has been reduced to the point that I sometimes forget it was an issue. It truly feels like my energy is flowing through my body without as much blockage. I can’t say enough about how helpful this kind of therapy has been for me in ways that I didn’t initially anticipate. I came to Lisa for hip pain, but have since had the benefit of a significant “re-wiring” of my energy channels, which has rebooted my system and overall has reduced my pain, taken away my brain fog, and helped me to feel at ease and grounded each day — I wouldn’t have believed this was possible only a couple of months ago!"

Whitney Porter, October 2022

Lisa Keller 2012