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Health and wellness of your body is the foundation of your life. When this foundation is broken and you are in survival mode, how can you truly enjoy life? When chronic pain and illness becomes a way of life it is a cycle of pain, frustration, stress, hopelessness and restrictions with seemingly no end in sight. You know you are stuck in this vicious cycle if any of these statements explain you:

  • Your pain is a main focus on your life
  • You feel like pulling your hair out because everything is going wrong in your body.
  • Daily tasks like food prep, housecleaning and going to work seemoverwhelming with the energy it takes to overcome the pain
  • You feel hopeless the pain makes you feel completely exhausted
  • Almost all you can think about is what to do to improve the pain
  • You may have crawled the the bathroom because the pain was so bad you could not stand up.

I understand not being heard and understood for chronic health issues - pain and otherwise. I was left disregarded and basically told it was all in my head. I am sure this experience is similar for you and most everyone else out there suffering. I see it in the attitude of many medical professionals as they disregard those with complex issues that may not make sense. I have compassion because I too was one of those people.

My hands are tied in the situations where someone needs help in the system (hospital, medical facility, skilled nursing facility) but I do the best I can within the rules that I am confined to and I always give as muchcompassion and control back to the patient as possible.

I reach out here to help those who I cannot help in the system, those that suffer the confusion inherent in the medical system. I have searched far and wide to solve my own personal health issues and I am willing to share the knowledge I have gained with those who are willing to listen.

Design Your Healthcan free you from this vicious cycle you have found yourself in. It is time to get back to the life you love. You can be helped, guided with compassion, in creating the active, lively, and painfree health of YOUR dreams! I, Lisa Marie Keller, have been treating chronic pain for almost 20 years. I have also suffered from chronic pain, fatigue and a host of other symptoms doctors could not help me with since I was a child. I was on a lifelong path of trying to understand what was wrong and how to get rid of it.. and mostly I have resolved these issues (about 80-90%) and I would be honored to share this knowledge with you so you can do the same.

Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute strategy session by contacting me at lisa@lisamariekeller.com. In these 15 minutes you will receive compassionate care, suggestions and direction in what needs to be done to start feeling better and enjoying and active lifestyle.

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