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Health and wellness is the foundation of your life. When this foundation is broken oryou can barely survive much less enjoy your life. Does chronic pain make you want to scream? Has chronic pain become the tormentor of your life? When chronic pain becomes a way of life it is a cycle of pain, frustration, stress, hopelessness and restrictions with seemingly no end in sight. You know you are stuck in this vicious cycle if any of these statements explain you:

  • Your pain goes on forever and ever and there is no end in sight.
  • You feel like pulling your hair out because of your pain.
  • The pain makes you want to throw up when you are doing everyday things like making food and cleaning your house and going to work.
  • You feel hopeless because of your unrelenting pain.
  • You are tired of being treated like an addict every time you need to refill your pain meds.
  • You take multiple trips to the ER monthly because the pain is so bad…you HOPE they will do something to make it STOP.
  • It feels like a screwdriver is piercing through your bones.
  • You have actually crawled the the bathroom because the pain was so bad you could not stand up.

Those are far from pleasant experiences! It is an absolute disgrace how the medical field treats chronic pain… you are a human not an addict. You may be miserable but that is because of the pain not the medications. If the pain stopped you would not want the medications. It is hard to bear the suspicious looks from the doctors and nurses as yousilently plead with your eyes for your pain medication one more time just so you can get a few moments of relief. This is coupled with the fear as you wonder what you will do if this is your last prescription.

Your life is totally out of control and you don’t know how to get it back. Nobody understands what you are going through. All you want to do is make all of this stop and you have no idea where to even begin.

Design Your Healthwill free you from this vicious cycle you have found yourself in. It is time to get back to the life you love. It is time for you to be guided in creating the painfree health of YOUR dreams! Lisa Marie Keller has been treating pain for over 13 years. She has also suffered from chronic pain and learned how to get rid of it. She can guide you through healing so that you:

  • Learn about one of the most common yet most overlooked causes of chronic pain
  • Can use a step by step approach to getting rid of your pain.
  • Learn insider secrets from a therapist who had to manage her own pain so that she could help others with theirs
  • Finally get back to your life of fun with traveling, family and friends

Contact me for a complimentary 30-60 minute strategy session by contacting me at lisa@lisamariekeller.com. We will take the first step to Your Painfee Lifetogether.

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